From 2002 our mission is to provide comprehensive and competitive orthopaedic and trauma solutions, improving people’s life quality.

2002 – CDH´s foundation year

Counting with a deep hole drilling machine, lathes and milling machines, CDH´s factory was built according to ANMAT´s (Argentinian Food and Drug Administration) legal regulations, being enabled by them according to the resolution 255/94, as an Implantable Medical Device Manufacturer for Traumatology.

ENABLED by ANMAT according to Mercosur / GMC Resolution No. 21/98, provision ANMAT 2319/02, complying with the GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES OF MEDICAL PRODUCTS (GMP) according to Mercosur / GMC Resolution No. 31/97.

2003 – ISO 9001 Certified by BUREAU VERITAS

2005 – Foreign Markets

Initially focused on the domestic market, since 2005 part of CDH´s production is exported to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay and the Republic of Nicaragua.

2008 – New building

CDH moves to its New Factory of more than 600 square meters, where more technology was acquired. CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Centers, CNC Cutting Machine, Laser Engravers were incorporated.

2009 – Expansion

Adjoining land was acquired, increasing the factory´s surface, which today has about 2000 square meters of productive area.

2010 – Exclusive Distributor of Biomatlante

An AGREEMENT is signed between CDH and BIOMATLANTE SA (Vigneux de Bretagne – FRANCE) manufacturer of Osteotwin™ – Interference Resorbable Screws, and MBCP+™ Synthetic bone graft, to import and distribute these products throughout Argentina.

2010 – Agreement with Invibio

An AGREEMENT is signed between CDH and INVIBIO biomaterial solutions (Lancashire – UK) for the provision, development and provision of technologies based on the PEEK OPTIMA polymer.

2012 – Foreign Markets

New exports to the Republic of Paraguay and the Republic of Peru through its exclusive distributors.

2015 – Expansion

The productive area increased its surface, as well as new strategic machines were bought to increase installed capacity, renew and improve the quality of the manufactured products.

2016 – Foreign Markets

New exports to the Republic of Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela through its exclusive distributors.

2017 – New markets and Certificates

Under process of registering products with health entities in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Ecuador, opening new markets as soon as possible, for CDH´s high quality products.

ISO 13485 certification to expand in the INTERNATIONAL MARKET

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