Quality policy

More than 15 years providing orthopaedic and trauma solutions.

CDH Prótesis e Implantes S.R.L. confirms and maintains the following Quality Policy:

  1. To establish and maintain a Quality Management System that ensures the quality of all processes carried out in every sector of CDH, including continuous improvement process of the QMS and all applicable regulatory requirements, allowing us to achieve internal and external customer satisfaction, as well as making us a profitable company.
  2. To ensure that all manufactured and marketed products meet the required quality of the target market, and all customer specifications.
  3. To encourage and get every worker in CDH involved in the Quality Management System, to ensure that the policy is permanently practiced.
  4. To prioritize actions that prevent the occurrence of quality deviations over those that only detects and corrects them.
  5. To provide our workers with proper training.
  6. To reduce manufacturing times continuously, improving lead times.
  7. To carry out all necessary actions aiming to open new markets, both national and international, ensuring the continued growth of the organization.

Rosario, April 2009

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